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February_01Filmed during an icy winter in Charlottesville, VA, February continues my exploration of connecting imagined sound to inanimate forms. A hot air balloon, viscerally body-like by its own nature, is joined in mid-launch by a soprano who appears to sing the balloon upwards, into the sky. Through the juxtaposition of the hot air manifesting in flight, and the warm breath creating song, I was hoping to create a relationship between the mortal body and its soul. As the balloon floats into the air, its embodiedness shifts from esophageal to ocular, and we see the landscape passing below as if from the perspective of a spirit. Underscoring the notion of the spirit departing from the body, I chose “Le Tombeau” from F. Poulenc’s Poemes Des Ronsard for the music.

Le Tombeau

When Heaven and my time
decide that I should die,
ravished from the lovely sojourn
of daily life
I forbid anyone to break up
marble for the pomp
of wishing my tomb
to be built more beautifully,
but dearly I want a tree
to shade me rather than marble
a tree which is covered
ever with green.
Of me, may the earth
engender an ivy
embracing me with many a coil
all around;
and may the twisting vine embellish my sepulcher
creating on every side
a scattered shade

Click here to view the original installation at the Anderson Gallery

Click here to view the full length of the work on Vimeo