Video and sound documentation by Jeff Sisson

P/H/A/O/N II took place on May 16th, 2015 featuring an interactive live-feed video performance by Allen Riley, a Klein-group mural and sound installation by Colleen Tuite, and an unending series of sentences beginning with the pronoun “you” generated by Wikipedia and engineered by Jeff Sisson.

You are in a maze of twisty little passages
The walls are covered with ancient moss and soot
There is a bottle of water here
A canary is singing

You are in an awkward sloping east/west canyon
The walls are frozen rivers of orange stone
It is filled with wisps of white mist, as if alive
I will be your eyes and hands
Light lamp.

You are in a debris room with stuff washed up from the surface
An invisible current brings refuse from all ecosystems here
A brownish-green plant is growing in the pile of debris
Pour water, the plant will demand more

You are at the breathtaking view
A rainbow refracts light and mist
Your body has no boundaries in this environment
Look down, your hands are atomizing into tiny droplets
You are hands are in the cloud
You are the cloud
A canary is coughing


Allen Riley is a video artist and the director of an unfinished fantasy movie called Doomed. He also wrote a new song for birthdays:

Colleen Tuite is a writer, designer, and co-director of GRNASFCK, and experimental landscape architecture studio. Her work examines the psychic confluence of architecture, technology, and ecology.

Jeff Sisson writes artful code, often about cities. His projects are continuously updated online at and