P/H/A/O/N III took place on Friday, July 10th featuring ‘MERIKAN MERKINTILE, the touring collaboration of Leslie Rogers and Nelly Kate. The audience gathered first in the studio for pre-show cocktails and video work by Leslie then continued down to the jetty once the sun got low. Rogers’ retrofitted minivan provided the stage and set for a musical performance by Nelly Kate with animations by Jordan Bruner. Wesley Wodgers, Camera Cop closed the evening with a monologue and a song.


Leslie Rogers (Detroit—sculpture/video/performance) draws from puppetry, slapstick entertainment, gender tropes, and the fiber arts to disregard or erase perceived hierarchies between performer and object, as well as amongst art forms and social groups.

Nelly Kate (Richmond—sound/print/intervention) interrogates notions of public and private space as well as issues of urban reclamation through a constellation of participatory performance, and site-specific installations of video and sound. For work samples, click here.

More work from Jordan Bruner (Richmond—animations) can be seen here: