For Now was a three-person exhibition developed exclusively for P/H/A/O/N, a space for time-based art in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The exhibition featured a movement-based performance organized by Katie Schetlick accompanied by a sonic environment composed by Rachel Devorah Trapp. Each artist created work in direct relation to a sequence of derelict pier structures, the bustle of commercial tugs and barges, and each other. Studies of lunar navigation and sonar radar detection could be seen in a photographic series of ceramic shards and an animated film depicting ghostnets. The work occurred for one-night only and the performance could be seen only from the window of the space. Read the press release here for details on the collaboration.


Performed by Sérgio Andrade, Kristin Clotfelter, Hannah Krafcik, Zoe Rabinowitz, and Rishauna Zumberg